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Lindsay Ketterer Gates

“My current body of work focuses on transforming mundane materials into something extraordinary. I combine my love of textile techniques, fashion design and everyday materials to create works of texture and grace. Necklines, fasteners, ruffles, pleats and decoration of traditional costumes from around the globe inspire me. I draw from my own vocabulary to create interesting patterns and textures from various materials used in repetition. My aim is for the viewer to find the finished products both elegant and curious.”

The slightly obsessive, mixed media work pictured springs from a background and love of fiber techniques combined with a curiosity for all things purchased in bulk. Random industrial materials are combined with tedious hand-manipulated wire looping to mimic, or simply give a nod to, beloved textile accents, patterns and details. The hard, industrial washers, joiner biscuits, cotter pins, etc. start to read as soft elements. The detail of Celestial Navigation shown on this page was inspired by a simple button hole in a piece of clothing.

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